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Call for Fall 2022 Book Releases

This is a call for submissions to be included in the SCBWI-WISCONSIN FALL RELEASE FLYER, 2022  (for book release dates between July 1 – Dec. 31, 2022) 

IMPORTANT: Beginning with this fall season flyer we will include both PAL and non-PAL book release information. Read directions carefully, please. 

There is a firm deadline for inclusion in the Fall 2022 releases flyer. We need time to design layouts that honor everyone’s work equally. 

Deadline for inclusion in the FALL RELEASE FLYER is MAY 1, 2022. This relates to books with release dates between July 1 and December 31, 2022. Information about releases received after the MAY 1 deadline may be added to the SPRING 2023 flyer with the catalog copy noting the actual release date if submitted on time for that call. 

Another important note: If your publisher indicates that your book will (probably) release within these dates but doesn’t have an exact date or cover image, you may submit what you have for inclusion, or you may wait and have all information  included in the SPRING 2023 flyer with a note about the actual release date. Your  book will only appear in one or the other, so choose which will offer you the greatest benefit. 


If you are scheduled to have a book(s) published between July 1 and December 31, 2022, whether SCBWI PAL-level publisher, hybrid, or self-published, submit the  information noted below no later than May 1, 2022. This applies to both author and illustrator members. 

If your book was PAL released in SPRING 2022 and was not included in that flyer, please reply with all requested content, including the actual date of release. The new policy for including all releases is effective beginning with the FALL releases. 

You may check your publisher’s PAL status on the main website, but it does not  determine your book’s inclusion in our promotional flyers beginning with FALL: questions regarding PAL-Publisher status to

Please include email contacts for all coordinators in your submissions:

Sandy at 

Joyce at 

Lexi at 

Please send the following information to all three of us in this format: 



Illustrator (if appropriate) 

Target/format (picture book, chapter/early book, MG, or YA)  


Release date 

ISBN (A single ISBN- provide the format ISBN number you prefer. Check with your  publisher if not sure which to provide.) 

One or two sentence catalog description – keep it brief- think pitch line(s). 

Send above info, along with a jpeg file of your book cover to: 

Sandy at 

Joyce at 

Lexi at 

Sandy will send confirmation of receiving your info with 48 hours. If you don’t get  that, please send again, especially if this is your first contact. Your email may have  ended up in spam, so be sure to watch for your confirmation that the info was  received. If confirmation does not follow, reach out via the link on our Wisconsin  SCBWI website page and make sure that you get a response. 

SCBWI Bulletin has changed their policy about printing news of members’ PAL  releases. They are only printing news of AWARDS, so be sure to share that news if  it applies to your book(s). That includes notices that your book has been named to State Book lists, content area Notable lists, NCTE, etc. It is possible that your  award/recognition category will not be included, but let them decide, give your work a chance to gain that attention in the Bulletin.  

Participation in the annual BOOKSTOP promotion and the various SCBWI themed reading list promotions takes the place of the previous Bulletin printing, but it is up  to AUTHORS/ILLUSTRATORS to submit your own work. These are major benefits of membership and we urge you to engage with them.  

It is also your individual responsibility to submit your books for various SCBWI awards and ask your publisher/marketer about submitting suitable titles to various  organizations and state and other recommendation lists. Good luck! 

Reminder: Liza Wiemer is extraordinary at sharing our/your news on social media, but it is up to you to let her know about your launch events, appearances, and other good news. Give her some lead time whenever possible. Also, Liza has designated GOOD NEWS TUESDAYS on our Facebook site, and invites EVERYONE to share  good news, even if it something like  “Met my word count goal today!” or “Received the sweetest card ever from a young reader about my book.”

Take full advantage of the ways in which our volunteer members can support your success. 

Watch for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Listserv, and SCBWI email newsletter notices about the flyers when they are public and take full advantage of the free  service to boost these posts on your preferred social media to maximize your book’s launch. 

Thanks, and congratulations on your individual and our community’s publishing success!  

Published Members Coordinators: Sandy Brehl, Lexi Holland, Joyce Uglow